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"I'm in awe, reflecting back over the past months of working with Brian. He brings together a remarkably rich set of skills as a coach; personal entrepreneurial and executive experiences, business acumen, keen insights into human development processes, and an ability to teach a wide range of tools for self analysis and self development. Our work together has been very powerful, allowing me to see clearly to the core of business issues and interpersonal dynamics ... and then to develop the tools and know-how to effectively manage even the most challenging situations. Yes, working with Brian really is that amazing!"

–Clint Bidlack, Co-Founder, ActivePrime Inc.

“I knew that my two-year search for an authentic coach was over as soon as I met Brian! Within weeks of being coached, I had a clearly-defined purpose for my business, over and above the necessity of making a profit (though profits have soared!). Brian was instrumental in helping me articulate the value that I, as a professional facilitator, add to my clients. More recently, I finished filming for a series of ‘The Apprentice’ for the BBC in the UK. Brian helped me to rise above the other 15,000 applicants to get accepted. I cannot put into words my admiration and respect for Brian – our work together just keeps surpassing all my expectations.”

–Mani Sandher, Director, Sigma Organizational Learning

"As a successful executive coach myself, I have particularly high standards for the people I choose to coach me, and Brian has exceeded my standards on all counts! In the first two months working with Brian, I have made several powerful spiritual breakthroughs, and discovered a deeper cut to my life's purpose. I have learnt about: the power of 'healing my judgments', how to get in touch with my 'true' voice, and how to hold a 'loving space' for the people I interact with day to day. Seeing these things written makes them seem trivial. They are not. They are breakthroughs that have changed not only my approach to coaching, but also my whole life for ever. Having gone through major life crises himself, Brian practices what he teaches. Yet, he is never condescending or patronizing. His encouragement is 'fabulous' and very rewarding. His commitment to each and every client is itself a thing of inspiration. I can not recommend his coaching highly enough."

–Justin Bridge, President, Bridge Leadership

"I have been working with Brian since he began his practice and it has been a rich and rewarding experience. During my time as a client I have had to navigate both significant life issues and normal day-to-day personal growth issues and he has been insightful and pragmatic in both arenas. In the past, I have found traditional therapy to be too "Ivory Tower" and often frustrating due to how long it takes to see results. With Brian, I find that I get immediate results. Brian does a great job of combining compassion, process and gentle and insightful guidance to help me along my personal path of spiritual and emotional growth."

–David Guttman, VP Finance & Administration, HighBeam Research, Inc.

"Brian is a rare gem of a man, who exemplifies quiet strength and wisdom in a manor so profound as to defy description. During my time shared with Brian I regularly experienced clarity and core insights that had previously been invisible to me. I suggest to you that his intuitions and loving nature are powerful stimulants that he applies with grace and ease, assisting clients for their highest learning. Furthermore, I have experienced very practical solutions that I have been able to apply to enhance my personal and professional aspirations. He is gifted, and I anticipate that you will be too, after an investment in yourself with Brian at your side."

–Christopher De Michele, Founder & CEO, Enrichment Resource Group

"Brian has a unique ability to step into almost anyone's shoes and experience life from their perspective. I feel that he understands where I am at, and where I am going, sometimes better than I do myself. I am inspired by how committed he is to being of service. He has regularly gone above and beyond the call of duty, has been flexible in payment terms, and has consistently exceeded my expectations. I've rarely met someone so willing to share their skills of empathy, intelligence and groundedness in the real world. My life has changed in the few short months we've been working together, and I expect even greater changes in the near future. I don't know where I would be today without him!"

–Confidential Founder & President of a High-tech Startup

"Like many 30-something women, I have had my share of psychoanalysis and soul-searching, and have become quite good at introspection. But, frustratingly, the process had always stopped at the identification of the problem and occasionally at its causes...Not very helpful! In my work with Brian, there has been almost from the beginning a focus on ACTION things I could actually start or stop doing, to break patterns and start the change I had decided I wanted. And Brian is very good at helping me cut through all the barriers, and excuses, that I had spent a lifetime building up! My sessions with him have really brought a tangible, positive impact on my life - from day one."

–Confidential, Swiss Banker

"Brian exemplifies the true essence of integrity, trust and strong intuitive insight. His powerful guidance has inspired me to gracefully manifest my heart's desires. He has been both a pillar of strength and a soft wind of inspiration and humor as he guided me through the turbulent terrains of life. Most importantly, he has a powerful and non-judgmental ability to help me tap into my own courage and open to an entirely new world of possibilities. I am inspired just being in his presence."

–Rose, Executive for a High Tech Firm in Silicon Valley


“Brian has a unique ability to step into almost anyone's shoes and experience life from their perspective ...”

–Founder & President of a High-tech Startup