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Our Exceptional Value Guarantee

Core Coaching is committed to providing exceptional value to each client we work with. And in coaching, client commitment is the number one factor that determines the level of value that's created. We work with this dilemma in two ways.

First, we only accept clients that are a great potential fit. You can't just hire one of our coaches. Before we accept any client, we have to be convinced of the opportunity to create exceptional value together.

Then if we do agree to work together, we support our clients with the following guarantee.

Refund Policy

Coaching fees are non refundable.  However, if at the end of any month’s coaching, you as the Client aren’t convinced that you have received exceptional value from the experience, Core Coaching will donate that month’s fee to a charity of the Coach’s choice.  To request this, simply provide a written refund request, detailing the ways you weren’t exceptionally satisfied, within 14 days of the month’s completion. 

If the Client repeatedly fails to follow through on his agreements as part of the relationship, the Coach reserves the right to terminate the relationship, and donate the remainder of the fee to a charity of the Coach’s choice.

Commitment Creates Value